Sunday, 3 June 2012

Afew more projects started!

Oh dear how to finish LOL

The start of Teri Dunsenbury's Butterflies amoung the clover square mat

Teri Dunsenbury's Pineapple Treasure Bag started!

Made the bluebird from Tatting Treats 3 with one of Jess's HTD!!!

My gosh this thread is sooooo soft to tat with!!

Again thank you Jess!!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

What the problem is?!?

My name is Annie and I have Startitis and finishphobia.  I LOVE to start a pattern I just MUST start and have not finished them yet because I find another pattern I must tat lol

Here is a little I have started so far...

 1, Jane's bookmark

2, This Heart

Plus my tatted peacock in previous post.

In the mail the other day I recieved my order from  Jess  all the way from the USA!!! It is amazing how we can enjoy goodies from other parts of the world that we cannot get here :}

These bobbins are sooooo soft!!! I love them and the colours!! So... cha ching!!! I bought some more!!  I have never seen anything so wonderful before!! Thank you Jessy!!

Friday, 25 May 2012

My first attempt at the unfamous peacock :D

I have been so busy trying to decide what to tat from all my patterns and books I am buying/collecting/finding that I have afew on the go. This is one of them so far.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Oh WoW!!I

Is this really me??? I won a prize??? I have NEVER won something before!!! I did not even expect to win! I am just putting myself out there to get to know tatting people and hopefully make friends!  Thank you so much Rachel!!! I cannot wait for the mailman to deliver my prize oh wow!!!!

I am sorry in saying thank you!! I have had a pounding BOOM BooM migraine!! Oh my gosh thank goodness it is almost completely gone. I guess thats what you get reading a book outside in the sun and you cannot seem to put it down!! I am reading Stephen Kings book called "Under the Dome" about half way now and it is quite tame compared to "Misery", "Pet Semetary" and "Rose Madder".

I will post some photos of my tatting as soon as I can. It is not much but I am learning after all!!!
I am watching Karen's tatting tutorials to get started and boy oh boy is she good or what!!!!!  I love her finger wiggle LOL!!  I chatted with her on a forum and mentioned about her finger wiggle, we both laughed and I still do!  I was in the library today watching her newest button and ruffle videos and started to laugh, I had some funny looks LOL

Karen you are awesome!!!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


I have 4 followers already?! WOW! I am so happy!   I have some photos to show but hubby is home and I dont want him to see what more I have bought...just yet LOL

Remember how I said I bought some goodies from Here?  They were waiting for me when I got home from town today!! I so want to rip it open and drool, but he might growl me, so have to wait till tommorrow!

Also I have started to correspond with Jane Eboral. She is really nice! I love her patterns and they are free too!  
I am glad of that as one shuttle here in New Zealand costs from 15$ to  35$ new zealand dollars!! I am packing up and moving to America where craft is cheaper...i wish LOL

Roll on tomorrow!!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Home sweet home

*pulls up a beanbag to sit on with my cuppa tea, shuttle and thread in hand, tongue tipped side of mouth learning to tat*

Why a beanbag? well I have just moved in with my tatting shuttle and thread etc, I dont know how to decorate this yet but hopefully in time I will learn!
I am teaching myself how to tat with the help of some youtube visual tutorials that I LOVE! I am a visual person I have to see before I can learn. And of course I am so stubborn that I watch some easy then hard to learn patterns! *DOH!!*

I have ordered some goodies from overseas and of course wish they were here yesturday! I bought from a please I read so much about called Handy Hands OHH I wish my goodies would be here!

I hope to make some good tatting friends and hope to share with you my adventures as I teach myself how to tat.